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Friday, February 20, 2009

So Mikey and I went to the Dr. this morning and sure enough we are having a little girl!!!! I'm super super excited, although i really did want a boy first but the more i think about my little girl the more excited i get. Her name is going to be Peyton and as for middle name it was going to be marie but i think we might do Nicole for my sister and Mikey's mom, Lindsey's middle name is Nicole too so I think it had alot more meaning. I feel like now that I know what I'm having it's so much more real. Mikey and I went to Babies R Us today after the doctor and registered my little heart out. IM SO EXCITED!!! We decided that we are going to do the nursery in green and blue or yellow, i know it's not what you usually think of for a little girl be we didn't want to do the whole pink thing. Although i am planning on a pink stroller so when im walking down the street no one asks me what my little boys name is!! Also i bought the absolute CUTEST onesie today with a pink tutu sooo freaking cute... i want her liike now... but these next few months are going to be crazy!

On another note we got to watch our baby squirm around for a good 20 min. at the doctor, she is quite active. She has a healthy heart and brain and 2 legs and two arms which is always good news. And she cooperated very well for her mommy because right when she first got on the screen the doctor said "it's a girl!" so i was very happy and proud of her. We got a few pictures of her and we went to get copies at CVS but I don't feel like going to the basement to scan them right now so the ultra sound pictures are coming soon!!....

That's all the good news I have to report today!! So untill next time!!

<3 Ashley Mikey and PEYTON!!!!!

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