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Friday, April 23, 2010

Hey everyone!
I know it's been a while but i have been crazy busy getting ready to... drum roll please..... GRADUATE!!!!!!!! YAY!!! the official countdown has begun. I have 5 more days of school left and May 16th I will finally be done with morgantown WV! thank the lord! So here is a quick update on my life and more importantly my little peanut!

*MOVING- We are slowly but surely starting to pack up the apartment! with only a week left i better get a move on!

*FASHION SHOW- my fashion show is next Wednesday and my momma is coming up to see it yay!! ill post some pics but my dresses and stuff are on facebook

*STAIRS- i meant to post this a while ago but when we went home for spring break my little dare devil who has never seen a stair in her life took up 5 stairs in about 3 seconds. she is a climber!

*TEETH- her top two are all the way in and her bottom right is on its way so fussy girl is still here but it hasnt been too bad

*TABLE FOOD- sh has been eating more table foods like pasta cheese crackers etc. Mikey gives her pudding sometimes when mommy isn't looking! And I gave her a popsicle the other day... funniest thing i have ever seen

*WALKING- I know she has been walking for a while and I posted a video on FB BUT she is everywhere now. walking is her main form of transportation and she is freaking adorable. She is pretty bow legged but im hoping she will get over it as she grows otherwise we might have the next Forrest Gump on our hands.

*PLAYING- she is playing with us more and more we chase her around and she screams at the top of her lungs and runs away. She also knows when she is doing something wrong and she tries to be sneaky and when we catch her she takes off running! ugh she is cute

*POOL- the pool is finally open and even though it was only like 70 today it is a heated pool so it was like getting in a warm bath and she loved it. I forgot the camera but we are probably going back tomorrow so ill try to remember.

that is all I can think of for now but im sure im forgetting something.... oh well until i remember love you all and can't wait to be home!

<3 Ashley Mikey and Peyton

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