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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

GAH I am so indecisive when it comes to everything in my crazy life!

Currently I am indecisive about:

*my blog~ As you may notice I have only changed it about a million times in the last 3 days and I am still not happy with it so I will probably change it about a million more times... bare with me!

*moving~ Jess over at I Rock So What has been kind enough to answer my million and one email questions about her place of residency because looking for apartments here is the most depressing thing ever!!! it is just so discouraging. I do not want to move away from my family AT ALL but sometimes it looks more and more like we don't have a choice.

*my wedding~ I know have a gazillion years till the wedding (1 1/2 years actually) but I still dont know where I want to have it. I have it narrowed down to 2 places really

1. The Comus Inn

2. My back yard

and while I love both ideas I cant seem to pick. I will hopefully be visiting The Comus Inn very soon and then I will try to make a decision. But I feel like nothing else can fall into place until I know where exactly we are having it.

*a job~ This is another biggie. I do NOT want a job I love being a SAHM I love spending the day with my baby girl. I love using my spare time to blog and work on my Etsy shop but if we want any chance in staying here I think I have to get one. And not just a little part time thing a full time salary kinda job because if I do get a job that means P has to go to day care.
Day care = $$$$$$$$ so I have to have a job that will make it worth while

Problem? Finding a fashion design job here. There is zip zero zilch. I guess I will have to go around to local boutiques and see what they have to offer.

again I say GAH!

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