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Friday, February 25, 2011

So Mikey and I have been talking a lot about getting up before P to work ot, take showers, and just relax before the little demon arises. It wasn't until I read Danielle's post over at Sometimes Sweet that i really found the motivation to actually do it. I love love love this post and if you feel like you need some inspiration please go read it. Yesterday and today I have woken up before Peyton, worked out, showered, and this morning I even did some laundry. Hopefully I can keep it up!

In other news:

Im 99.9% sure I got a concussion this morning doing laundry. I hit my head on this giant pipe that sticks out from the wall while bending down to the dryer. There a definite bump there.

In blogging news:

I am now starting Flash Back Fridays

I dont know if it is already being done somewhere else int he blogging world but I haven't seen it around so I am taking credit. It is pretty self explanatory but every Friday I am going to pick an old picture to post and talk about. It can be from yesterday, a year ago, or 10 years ago as long as it's a flash back. Anyone care to join me?

Here we go!

Flash Back Friday 2.24.2011

I was looking through my baby bump pictures last night (thus the reason this post came to mind in the first place). I was 39 weeks in this picture. I'm pretty sure it was taken on a friday and P was born on Tuesday.
I loved my baby bump (minus the stretchies) I pretty much loved everything about being pregnant. I only got sick 4 times at the very beginning and I had some pretty bad acid reflux at the end but other than that it was really smooth.

And there you have it Flash Back Fridays... feel free to do one on your page and let me know so I can read about it!

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