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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Brusha Brusha Brusha

annnd clean

My New Shirt $10

P's Breakfast

My Breakfast


Sweater~Baby Gap

Dress~ Target

Leggins~ Baby Gap


Shirt~ Syms

Cami~ Nordstrom

Pants~ jeggins/jeans not really sure where they classify as but Nordstrom

Shoes~ Off Broadway

On the way to the grocery store

well that was a given

P and I made a quick trip to Michael's after dropping daddy off at work

Then we went to the mall with Uncle Jeremy so I could get a cell phone case and I got a smoothie from Panera yummmy mango

I made dinner tonight sloppy joes and a veggie mix yummmy I swear it tastes way better than it looks. I will do my first recipe post tomorrow

P and Uncle Jeremy played hide and go seek with the baby doll

My newest project for an old co-worker

Then we took a bath and dried off with her awesome shark towel

and we ended our day with a neapolitan ice cream sammie yummmmmm

*fun fact* Ice Cream sammies and gingerale are the only things I craved during pregnancy

And there you have it our day in iPhone pictures I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

** PS tomorrow Peyton and I are planning on going on a small hike with my brother should be fun cant wait to post about it!
Hope you all had a happy Saturday and an even happier Sunday!

**PPS wanna link up? Go follow Amy over at The Good Life

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Shannon said...

Fun day! I love your shirt! I'm visiting from a good life. I also host a few of my favorite things blog link-up on Fridays. I'd love for you to link-up next week.

The Peanut Gallery said...
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The Peanut Gallery said...

Hey Shannon than you for stopping by! I will def. check out your blog and link up next week!

sara said...

haha, I love the bathtub photo... too cute! and that dinner looked delish! I'm looking forward to your recipe post!

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