0 Date Night With Bubba

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Last night Mikey and I went out for date night. It was out first night out with out P in quite some time so I was super excited.

Mikey really wanted BBQ so I used my handy UrbanSpoon app and we narrowed it down to two places. JR's Stockyard Inn or Bubba's BBQ.

Well you can guess where we ended up. Bubba's.

It is this little hole in the wall place where the owner has a thing for porcelain pigs and Trivial Pursuit.

We were the only people there for the majority of the time and the owner was also our waiter. He was the sweetest guy and he even let me snag a picture of him at the end! (I bet he's not what you expected Bubba to look like!)

The food was great and Mikey was uber happy and satisfied, which is so hard to accomplish with that picky eater.

So without further adieu I give you pictures of Date night at Bubba's

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