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Monday, March 7, 2011

So I have been getting a lot of questions lately pertaining to my carrier and I LOVE it!
Now i'm going to try to make a post to answer these questions as well as inform others and promote this lovely activity!

Let me start off by saying I am by no means an expert just an advocate and while I will do my best to cover all bases I suggest you do your own research as well. I also have a million things rolling around in my head that I am trying to organize so I can make this as easy to understand and read as possible.

Lets start with the basics

What is baby wearing?

It pretty much speaks for itself but baby wearing is the act of wearing your baby in a carrier such as a wrap, sling, soft structured carrier etc...

Why baby wear?

There are so many answers to this question but let me give you the biggies:

For baby:

* Keeps baby close and comforted with out taking away your hands.

* Constant motion helps calm baby and allows them to observe their surroundings

For momma:

* Allows you to comfort and be close to baby while multitasking

* Breast feeding mommas can do so with ease while wearing

* Not all places are stroller friendly but carriers never have a space issue

* Having lose children in crowded places can be scary if you are wearing you will always know where your child is.

These are just basic and brief if you would like to read more please visit this link

What is proper baby wearing?

I can not express to you how vast the world of baby wearing is. I can tell you that I was totally clueless when I entered it. I was doing everything wrong and I had no clue there was even a right or wrong.

Unfortunately when people think of baby carriers they think of Baby Bjorns or Infantions.

I say unfortunately because these are probably the worst carriers out there. They are what is known as 'crotch danglers'. Why we wearers try to steer clear:

* Crotch danglers are uncomfortable for baby

*They are uncomfortable for mom. Wear an Infantino for an hour and then a proper carrier and you WILL notice a significant difference

* They are bad for babies spine and hip development

You tell me what looks more comfy:

Notice how in the Boba carrier (second picture) the baby is lifted and scooped under the bottom for more support. They are in a seated position which is much better for their hips and spine.

* Crotch danglers also allow for forward facing carries, this should never be done (in a soft structured carrier in the least)


* Babies can be over stimulated very easily especially when they are facing outward. They can become overwhelmed with what is going on and in a forward facing carry they have no where to turn. When being worn chest to chest they can easily turn their head in and cuddle against your chest for comfort.

Another reason is because these carriers usually only hold up to 20-25 lbs IF your back can stand it that long. The majority of proper carriers out there go up to 35-45 lbs and after hours of wearing you wouldn't know any different.

But what if my baby will only face out?

I used this excuse I said P only like to face outward and wouldn't be happy facing inward. Boy was I wrong. She was able to see just as much with the option of cuddling up to me and falling asleep. She LOVED the Boba as soon as I put it on and cried when I took her out of it and thus became our love of wearing.

So what are acceptable carriers?

This is where it gets complicated.

I dont want to overwhelm you because there are so many types of carriers out there and then so many brands after that. I will do a quick break down

Soft Structured Carriers:

Boba (my carrier, I LOVELOVE LOVE IT and are better for bigger babies)

Ergo (allows a side carry which is a nice alteritive to forward facing)


Stretchy Wrap:

These wraps are recommended for infants and smaller babies and not for back carries

Woven Wraps:

Can hold a higher weight and allow back carries

Mei Tai:

Sort of a mix between a wrap and a SSC

Ring Sling:

Great for nursing

Pouch Carry:

Best for quick trips

I will send you here to read more on each type of carrier to find what is best for you. You can also see recommended brands. This is an AMAZING site and I HIGHLY recommend reading it if you are at all interesting in baby wearing.

***** I would like to point out that I had an Infantino. I wore it forward facing. Lucky for Peyton I only wore it a handful of times because it was so uncomfortable. Even luckier for her I did research and became aware of proper baby wearing and the benefits. It is never too late to switch over or spread the word. This is by no means meant to make mommas who have crotch dangelrs feel awful. I was one of those moms. I just want to do my part to spread the word on baby wearing and if this post converts just one mom then I will have done my job.

I would also like to say baby wearing isn't for everyone so no my title doesn't mean if you dont wear you dont care it just rhymed so I went with it. But with every aspect of parenting you should always try it out. Just like nursing and cloth diapering isn't for every one but you should still be open to the idea. So please take this into consideration and do your own research. Visit my links and feel free to come to me with any questions and I will do my best to answer them.

Happy wearing!

(I'm going to make a page for this so you can reference it easily)

And now some baby wearing photos

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