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Saturday, March 5, 2011

I have the most polite (politest?) kid ever. We taught her please from a very early age and it was one of her first words but she has recently just picked up 'thank you' and she says it all the time for everything. I cleaned off her cozy coup yesterday and she said 'tank oo momma' I change her diaper tell her 'all done' and she says 'tank oo momma' it is seriously the cutest thing ever!

In blogging news~

This post gave me an idea for a weekly Saturday post. Im going to record something every saturday but only the sound and then post about it. There you have it 'Sounds of Saturday"
I have one for today but it's on my phone and I don't have the uploader right now so I will do it in a bit.

In other news~

My brother is still asleep and P just went down for a nap so i'm thinking a hike is out of the picture today.. bummer maybe tomorrow

Happy Saturday!

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Jessie said...

isn't it nice to teach kids early on please and thank you? We have to remind D to say please but she almost always says thank you (she's been saying it for quite some time but its even better when she knows WHEN to say it!)

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