3 Philly Bound!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For Christmas I got Mikey Flyers tickets. They are against the Caps (boo hisss ick blah rarrr) and they are in Philly.

The game is TONIGHT!!!! yay!!!!!

My momma is watching P for us for the night and we are staying with our friend Jimmy! I'm reallllllyyyyy excited.
It's my first hockey game ever and I get a little mini vaca!

Goooooo Flyers!!!!!

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Jess and Tom Roberts said...

jealous!! i want a mini vaca! but its our 3rd anniversary next month and we might go stay up in seattle for a night. Im nervous though! i haven't left D for more than a few hours - and never overnight. but she should be fine - she loves her gma and gpa!

Kristen said...

ew yucky flyers. lets go caps!! but anyway...you will have a great time i know it. hockey games are too much fun. enjoy your day together!

Muriel said...


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