4 Steppin Out and P90X

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Today was fun filled and busy which was slightly unexpected.
My favorite Griffin family came to pick Peyton and I up from what was sure to be a pretty dull day.
We went to some furniture store because Kristen needed a new bed.
I have a love hate relationship with furniture stores.
I love it because I love home decorating.
I hate it because I have no home to decorate so it's torture.
Kris found a bed and it's uber cute she also got some lamps to inspire her new room.

Then we went to lunch and did some shopping at the outlets

And this is our link up with Steppin Out Saturday


Shirt~ Target

Cardi~ Target

Jeggings~ Nordstrom

Shoes~ Nordstrom


Dress~ Anna Kates Closet

Tights~ Anna Kates Closet

Jacket~ Nordstrom

Shoes~ Mommy's shoes!

In weight loss news~

Kristen bought P90X and it came in the mail today. I'm gonna do it with her!!!!!!!
We are getting together tomorrow to figure out a work out and nutrition schedule then hopefully starting it Monday!!!!

So anyway I want to take this time for thanking my favorite Momma and Kristen Griffin for a fabulous day out! LOVE YOU!

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Jessie said...

first off - love that chair in the picture. second off - we have the same stroller. just bought it for whenever we have a next kid. third- we have Insanity - which is by the same makers of p90x (but with out weights) maybe i should start doing it again...

The Peanut Gallery said...

1. LOVE that chair. Im constantly shopping for my imaginary apartment and it fits perfectly w/ the decor

2. LOVE the stroller its light weight for being full sized gets the job done and the infant seat that goes with it is great too

3. You should do it! Im so excited to start I hope I can stick to it!

Muriel said...

Ok Ashley -- Here I am posting on your blog even though you don't believe that I do. Of course the stroller is awesome because the best family got it for the princess -- haha! It was a wonderful day and I am so glad that Peyton and you joined us today! So much fun! Love you always.

Momma Griff

Anonymous said...

Good Luck on P90X it's soo fun, but hard! You'll do great!

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