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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In Wedding news:

I went to visit my #1 choice of venue today and loves it! It is a little Inn in Maryland by Sugarloaf Mountain.

For those of you who don't know or haven't stopped by my wedding in progress link, the theme we are going for is rustic/vintage cottage.

So here is a personal tour of the venue via my iPhone so sorry about the not so fab pictures

Welcome to the Comus Inn I know its more barnish/country from the front but I'll take it

Here we have the cocktail area and more importantly the bar. The tables will be cleared out except for a few in which people can sit during cocktail hour. The wood floor is for the gift table and cake. The whole wall is lined with glass doors that will be opened up to the patio and tent.

This is the view from the doors out to the tent/patio. It is HUGE. Here is where dinner will be served and grooving will take place. There is also a nice fish pond that my child will with out a doubt find her way submerged in by the end of the night. It will be tented but no walls so it will still be open and outdoorsy

cute tree and pretty view. This is the backdrop for most of the weddings the woman told us. Its really pretty but I fell in love with another backdrop and it was the seller of the whole place, for me at least...

The barn LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!! This is what I want the back drop to be for the ceremony. It is so rustic and perfect. I have no doubt it will be even more gorgeous in the summer/early fall

Yeah so that is venue #1 and I think it might be the venue. I don't really have any others in mind right now. I'm going to do a quick draft proposal with momma to see if it is in budget and we will go from there. YAY what do you guys think??

For more pictures and to get an idea of what it will look like in bloom and after landscaping is done visit there site.

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Kristen said...

Love it!! Especially the bar area.

Deanna said...

oh my goodness! i love that old barn!!

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