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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I went early this morning to pick up my onesies from the post office!
Im really happy with most of the colors but there are a few that are a bit brighter/ more neon that I anticipated (green and orange to be specific)
So I have been waiting for them to get here so I could finish a gift set for a friend and I was able to put it all together today.

This will be going on my etsy shop to replace the other elephant/turtle combo because they were on gerber organic and I'm doing my etsy stuff on Zee Spot because they are a better quality. Any who go check out my shop and favorite if you dare!

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Miranda said...

Aw, they turned out way cute! I like how bright they are. :]

Ashley said...

thanks M- yours is my next venture I will probably tackle it tomorrow!

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