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Monday, March 28, 2011

Mikey started his new job today. I can't tell you what it is because it's top secret and they may come for me.
No really though it specifically says in his giant packet that he got today that you are not allowed to blog about it bahaha. It's really not that cool so I don't know why you would want to blog about it anyway.
But I'm really excited for him and us and hopefully we will be able to get the heck out of here soon (sorry mom and dad you know I love you!)

In baby news~

I think Peanut may be getting sick (thanks to Uncle Jeremy) she has a little bitty cough :( poor buggy I hope it doesnt get worse

In blogging news~

Im totally jealous of the Arizona Blogger Meetup that happened this weekend. Anyone wanna to a Virginia one with me?!
**everyone slowly clicks the 'x' at the top of the screen**

In wedding news~

I'm excited to say I have my photographer, well sort of. I still need to officially book her but since I dont have an exact date and venue yet I can't book her til I do. BUT we have already been in contact and I will change my wedding date for her if she doesnt have it open
Her name is Katie Stoops and she is AMAZING! She did my sisters wedding and her pictures take my breath away. She captured every moment perfectly and she is so creative, sweet, and has a great sense of humor!
You can visit her site at Open Air Photography .
She is based in the Virginia area but travels everywhere so if you have a wedding coming up I would HIGHLY recommend her!

Here are some picture of my sister wedding

Yes that very 8 month preggo girl would be me

By the way mom momma did all the flowers, the stage, and pretty much everything. She is A-MAZ-ING the most talented florist and interior decorator I know.. seriously. She even had a wedding in 'The Knot' mmhumm yeah she's wonderful.

Need a florist and you are in the DC, MD, VA area? let me know.. seriously!

In 'Monday Munchies' news~

I actually have a recipe for a great salad but don't feel like typing it out right now so I will do it tomorrow.

In P90X news~

Kris and I went to GNC today to buy our protein bars and powder today yummm! HA! We are officially starting Friday don don don...

MMK that's all for today folks!

Happy Monday!

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