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Monday, March 14, 2011


(see what I did there used zoo instead of do?... cleaver I know)

Today Mikey, P, and I went to the zoo with Taylor, her hubby Steven, and their itty bitty Camden.

Even though it was a tad chilly all the animals were still out. We saw lions, and tigers, and bears OH MY! (no really we did see all those things) Elephants and snakes and monkeys and all sorts of good things too!

We brought our own lunches a) because they are healthier b) because I ain't spending no $25 on a hot dog or whatever ridiculous price they charge there.

It was fun fun fun and I can't wait to go back when its warmer.

Now picture time!

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Anonymous said...

Cute pics I posted the giveaway on my blog today, if there is anything you want me to add let me know and let me knwo what you think!

Thanks Again girl!

Jessie said...

so jealous!! i miss the DC zoo like crazy. It cost a fortune to go to the zoo here (except for the second teusday of the month, so dlame!) so we're waiting for next month to go when hopefully its warmer than 50 degrees and NOT raining!

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