2 Confession of a Blogaholic

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why hello there this is my new segment. I feel like Iv wanted to blog random confessions of late so I thought to myself 'Hey self why don't you make a little segment out of it?' and so here we are. 

I confess...

I have a weakness for British accents. It's pretty bad. 

Last night we were at Barnes and Noble and we were asking about a book and the guy helping us was British. I just love listening to them talk, I could listen to them all day. When we walked away I looked at Mikey and said 'I love him' and Mikey said 'I know' bahaha. 
He thinks I will leave him one day for a British boy. Don't worry I wont! 
Unless it's Mikey's identical twin with an accent *swoon* 

If there is a guy and he's like a 6 or 7 but then he speaks and Britishness comes out BAM automatic 10. 

And there you have it confessions of a blogaholic!

Anyone else have a confession they'd like to share? If you blog about it let me know! 

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camille yanair said...

i love this! and i feel the same way about irish accents ....goooooooooood grief they're hot! i linked up to you because i'm confessing something to! www.camilleyanair.blogspot.com

Nicole said...

Ha ha! This is funny!

I can certainly relate!

My fiance is from New Zealand...

Although, I barely notice his accent anymore.... Not to pop your dreamy bubble :P

There's nothin' wrong with this at all :)

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