2 Easter Weekend Serious Phizoto Bizomb

Sunday, April 24, 2011

This weekend was fabitty. It was pretty sunny the whole time and it was spent with family which is always the best! Here is a look into our Easter weekend I know it's a serious picture overload forgive me. But these are not even like half the pictures I took... I have a problem

Day Before Easter 

Morning snuggles

prepping the eggs

coloring eggs

P wasn't so gentle with her egg 

So we peeled it

 and ate it 

for our no named baby nephew that is due THIS WEEK people!!!!

then we went for a walk 

Easter Day 

my attempt at trying to be a good mom

making momma Pizza

and we are off to Starbucks ... DUH

you guys is it bad that the Starbucks guy knows my name AND my drink order? I think it might be. 

seriously SO nice out today 

P is getting so much hair! I know it doesn't seem like a lot but for her it is and Im so excited! 

So we tried to do an easter egg hunt and P was totally not feeling it which was a bummer. But all the eggs had chocolate in them so Mikey had to go hunt them all so they didn't melt 

 I hid the golden egg in cameo it took him a while to find it hehe 


AHHHHHH I can not believe that my nephew is due this week like seriously SO EXCITED

More sugar 

baby legs and snuggles

so after P's nap she went outside with her basket going 'eggs? eggs?' so I hid some again and this time she was all about it. She made me hide them like 10 times. I was excited.

Dress~ Azura 

Shoes~ Nordstrom

Necklace~ St. Thomas

Earrings~ Etsy


Dress~ Pampolina 

Shoes~ Old Navy

Clip~ Anna-Kates Closet

Necklace~ Gift 

And lastly here is a little video of P finding her Easter basket. Its not good quality bc my flip died right before this and my phone doesnt have a light but its cute none the less. 

PS I think my kid watches too much Wow Wow Wubbzy!

That was pretty much our weekend in a nut shell or should I say egg shell... get it? Easter egg... yeah I'm clever

I hope you all had a great weekend with friends and family Happy Easter!

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Ashley said...

Wow super busy Easter?! Haha

Your daughter's eyes are gorgeous!

Happy Easter!

bethxlove said...

Looks like you had an amazing time!
That little dress is adorable!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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