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Monday, April 11, 2011

Or hey here is an even better idea put an actual person on the flippin phone and then they will know what language I speak!

I just spent 30 min. pushing 0938129038120938 buttons just to end up talking to an operator like I wanted to in the first place! Then my question took .5 seconds to answer. Really? This is one of my biggest pet peeves.

end vent.

In other happier news~

Kris and I did yoga again today :-/ still just as boring! We are thinking of going to buy a different yoga DVD for these days because a. it's not hard and b. its uber boring.

BUT I did do crow for like 20 whole seconds today.. maybe even longer! I was quite proud of myself.

Today is 75 and sunny and wonderful! Peyton and I went on a long walk over to Starbucks for lunch and then made a pit stop at the park. It was really crowded so we didn't stay too long but she had a blast.
And her little pasty white skin got some kisses from the sun :)

Now she is napping and I did some dreaded laundry and now I am sitting barefoot on the front porch blogging. LOVE warm weather seriously.

PS a big thank you to Amy for the tutorial on how to make your pictures bigger!

Hope you are all having a fabulously warm Monday and if not then I will bask a little extra in the sun for you!

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Jess Craig said...

whoa mama, you are HARDCORE! i seriously couldn't do the yoga disc on p90x. so freaking hard.

Mama Kim said...

Usually I just push 0 to get an operator, or it's the voice one, I just yell, "OPERATOR!" into the phone. LOL

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

yeah ive had issues with getting to the operator. then tom finally told me to just keep pressing 00000 and eventually they'll get you to the operator with out going through all the operations. haha

i know i say im jealous a lot, but with you posting pics of p in her tank tops and shorts... ugh. i would love to just put a tshirt on d outside! let alone shorts!

The Peanut Gallery said...

Jess- Im sorta flexible for someone who doesnt stretch haha and I used to do yoga a lot bc of my sister who is a trainer but I dont know he just does the same stuff over and over for like an hour straight.

as far as the phone I pushed 0 like a million times and nothin. I also cursed a few times and that didnt work either

and Jessy dont be too jealous its still really flip floppy here I wish it would just stay this warm!

Kristen said...

i hate you for sneaking a photo of me. at least everyone didnt have to look at my face too. now i have to be ready for pictures every time i come over...great.

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