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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is it too early to tell if my kid has OCD? Because Im like 98% sure mine does. Have you ever seen the show Monk? Yeah that's gonna be Peyton in 30 years.

Why do I think this you may ask? I shall tell you.


She has to repeat everything. For example she spent literally 20 min. today opening and closing the screen door. She will also run to one end of the room touch something specific run to the other end and touch another thing then repeat the process multiple times.


She HATES having anything on her hands. If there is a spot of dirt or if she is eating and gets food on her hands she freaks out and I have to wipe it off. She could care less about her clothes or anything else but heaven forbid there be anything on her hands.

Open or Closed?

Every door in the house must be closed at all times. People freak out when the basement door is open and she wanders over to the stairs. I dont worry for a second because I know all she will do is close the door. If she is walking past an open door she will shut it with out hesitation and be on her way like its second nature.

Are these signs of OCD? Or is this normal kid stuff? I don't know because she is my only kid and Im not around other little ones enough to notice these things.

I have slight OCD. I have to feel even if this makes sense. If someone taps me on my right shoulder I have to tap myself on the left shoulder to make myself even. Or if I am walking down stairs and i land harder on one foot I jump with an equal force on the other.

I'm not really worried about it but Im just curious anyone elses kid do these things?

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Momma Griff said...

Remember the time I ran over the rumble strips on the right side of the road and then you made me drive over to the left side and do the same thing. Oh, and the time I spanked you on your right check and while you thought no one was looking spanked yourself on the left side. You are doomed :) Love you.

AmyLee said...

these pictures are awesome. i'm no expert, but i would think these are very normal kiddo type discovery behaviors. she's just learning about everything around her :)

Deanna said...

don't worry. this is totally normal. gage goes through phases like that, and right now we are in his 'bedtime' phase. we have this crazy ritual that has to be done every night. (in this order.)

he pees.
he brushes his teeth.
i read two books.
i sing four songs. books are different, but it's always the same four songs in the same order.
i give him a kiss.
i give him a lick.
he gives me a kiss.
he gives me a lick.
i wait on his bed while he goes to make sure the stairs lights are on.

it has to be like this every.single.night, or else it ends in tears.

Ashley said...

Dying from the adorableness of that routine. And even more so the licks! Love it!!

And I'm happy to hear Shes normal

M.M.E. said...

Oh, how sweet. She sounds like me, only a bit younger. :) I didn't have any tendencies as a child but my brother had a ton, including wearing a hoodie every day and freaking out his head wasn't covered. He also had a thing about his socks being pulled up to his knees, when they were ankle length socks.

Rebecca said...

Ask Wendy about Amelia...where's the one eye raised button. Even if it does contain any traces of OCD, the whole family shares that and we all get along real well. xo

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