1 Vlogging Vednesday Vol. 6

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hello all! Today is Vednesday and our topic is music! So watch the vlog if you desire then the video afterwards and if you are interested ill leave you some links to some info and more videos!


Mountain Trip

On Conan


So amazingly wonderfully awkward

Dont forget to make your own vlog and link up!

Vloggin' Vednesdays

Hope you are all having a good Wednesday so far. Ours is gloom and doom but the sun will come out tomorrow (hopefully) so I will just look forward to that!

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Deanna said...

gage ADORED jack's big music show when he was peyton's age. i know i've got all the songs memorized. i love that trachtenburg song. it's going to be in my head for days now. i always wondered how they were related in that video. i guess i thought they were a threesome. but i think i like them even more knowing their story now.

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