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Monday, May 2, 2011

I confess....

I was SO bad at P90X this weekend!!! I only did it Friday then skipped Saturday AND Sunday due to death by hangover. 
PHEW feels good to get that off my chest! Also I ate horribly eh. 
I got back on track today with both eating and exercising and feel much better! 
The good news is that I didnt gain any weight back even though I felt like I gained 15 lbs! It's seriously ridiculous how much different you feel about working out and eating right when it becomes routine for you. 

These are from friday 

and I forgot I took these and I liked my outfit so I'm just gonna throw them in here too

Shirt~ Pac Sun

Shorts~ H&M

Shoes~ Off Broadway

Belt~ Unknown

Hair clip~ MEEE! 

P's dress~ Gifted

Have a confession you need to get off your chest? Let me know about it!!! 

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