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Sunday, May 29, 2011

We're back! (obvs) and it was a ton of fun.
Last time we went hiking we went to the same place but there are 3 trails and we did the second and third which were pretty easy and leisurely. This time we did the first trail and it was totally different. We're talkin cliffs of doom and trudging through rivers.. ok I may be exaggerating but still it was pretty hard! Especially with a 31 lb baby on my back!

I'm actually really proud of myself for not dying and or falling (I may have twisted my ankle and then hit said ankle on a rock and then that same ankle may or may not be a little swollen. But I did not fall )

Breakfast preparation

The river was a little flooded so we had to take off our shoes and walk across here. It was about at our knees. This was only about 10 min. into the hike but I guess during the hike they decided this was too dangerous so they closed it down for the day ... guess we are just bad ass. 

it also caused quite the traffic jam

Good golly I love my Boba 

When my mom saw this picture she was like 'OMG how high was that bridge?!!??!' (see above picture) She was like 'oh jeeze I thought it was like Temple of Doom high' 

This picture doesn't do this cliff justice but man was it big and steep. I did really well with P up to this point but it was so steep that I had to trade with Jeremy so that he wore her down because I was too scared. 

But we all made it to the bottom alive

 The last stretch of the trail was pretty flat so P got down and got some use out for her new hiking shoes 

Success! I love hiking! P loves being outdoors I get exercise and we see really pretty things. Winning! 

Happy Sunday!

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Sarbear said...

That looks like such a fun adventure. Looks like P had a good time too! Awesome!

Joy said...

oh i can't wait to go on a hike! :)

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