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Friday, June 17, 2011

Good morning friends. Here are some iPhone photos of this past week since I have been so MIA 

if you follow my twitter of facebook you already know P got hold of a permanent marker the other day ... that was fun

Our trip to the American History Museum with AK and Brooklyn 

modeling my newest project

a wedding gift from my momma 

my newest project :) 

Happy Friday everyone! I may go a little MIA again this weekend. My dads birthday my sisters birthday and fathers day will all be celebrated tomorrow so lots of family friends and food :) 

Any exciting plans for fathers day?

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Jess and Tom Roberts said...

ok LOOOVE the big bow headbands - i would probably buy one from you!

also, those forks are probably the cutest wedding things ive seen in a long time!! where did your mom find them?

Sarbear said...

Those forks are awesome! :) I'm also diggin' that outfit with the green skirt, white shirt, and scarf that's in that display case.

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