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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yesterday I made the super simple amazingly delicious and pretty healthy sandwich. what more could you want in life I ask you? Answer: nothing.

and this is how it goes. Check it! 


mini bagel

tomato medley


worcestershire sauce

feta cheese

spicy sweet mustard


pour a couple splashes of worcestershire in a frying pan and heat on med. flame

add tomatoes and mushrooms

I use tomato medley because I love the different flavors of the mixture but really any tomato will work.
and I use portobello shrooms bc yummo but again any kind will do the job.

I used a mini bagel bc I figured its mini so thats like half the calories and carbs right? Ashley logic. Again any bread will do. 

The you smother some mustard on you bagel and add the mushrooms and tomatoes and some salt n peppa and fetta cheese and there you have it. 

so easy right? but trust me all those little flavors are huge when combined. 

Im sure you could use any veggies youd like in this I just happened to have tomatoes n mushrooms 
also cheese is up for discussion but I love the feta. 

If you end up trying it let me know how it turns out! 

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