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Thursday, July 28, 2011

i ran 1.69 mi yesterday. It took me like 18 min but I ran the whole way which is pretty good in muh book

workin on it... although i can't run with my fresh wound which makes it hard to get that flab in shape

muh bracelets.. the charm one is from stella and dot and the P is for Peyton.. dur 
leather braid from flourish on etsy
bangle from a flea market
hazel wood and amber from Hazelaid

our lovely family friend came over and brought us treats from a new local bakery uhhh YUM

they come in the cutest containers with their own little spoons! 

and a Tiffany blue box <3

i Pmuch live here 

muh fav tote bag...

that's all folks

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Jess and Tom Roberts said...

girl. if you saw my stomach - you would be oh so proud of yours... trust me... yikes! (why do you think i only have pictures from my shoulders up!? haha)

and i wish we had a yummy bakery like that around here.

Shannon said...

you show us those treats AND your flat stomach??

rub it in, sister. :)

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