1 Two Years Ago Today....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

At this time (8am) I waddled into the hospital bags a packed and ready for induction. I know that you hear people say it all the time but I seriously can not believe that it has been two years. I remember everything like it happened yesterday. But like actually. It went by so fast and yet I can't remember a time or a life with out her. Cliche after cliche. I think moms are the people who make theses cliches up because you seriously don't know how true to life they are until you have a baby yourself.

I totally was not prepared for the long 21 hours of labor ahead of me I was just focused on the end result, meeting that little (big) nugget that had been cooking inside me for the last 9 months.

Im scheduling this little number to post at 8am but right now it's 12 and I just said hey Mikey 2 years ago today we were laying in bed saying 'at 8 am we are going to go in to have this baby, we are going to meet our little girl SO soon. This is happening!' Im having serious nostalgia. Maybe even a few tears. Maybe even getting a bit choked up. Such a mom.


chillin with my US weekly 

My cheering section 

Two years ago today started the longest/fastest most amazing/grueling hardest/easiest 21 hours and 22 min. of my life. 

and tomorrow at 5:22 am my little love bug will be two years old. 


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Jess and Tom Roberts said...

isn't it crazy to look back on? i was just looking through D's newborn pics and it makes me so baby hungry. I also look at D and im like, you were that little? and you were in my tummy!? hope you guys have a fun time celebrating her birthday!!!

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