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Monday, July 25, 2011

Yesterday I went with my parents to visit possible venue #3 and 99.9% sure this is it! We loved everything about it especially the location. It's literally 10 min. down the road. Perfection. Also the price and the venue its self are pretty great.  So here are some pictures

The venue is a historical property in Arlington so it has a lot of land and fields

Here is the front of the house. Its going to be an outdoor wedding so the house will be used for cocktail hour and the candy bar and bathrooms and stuff but everything else will be outside. 

I think the candy bar will probably go here

the side porch is where the first bar will be for cocktail hour 

this is the bridal room. It's pretty big and has a ton of huge mirrors and it's own bathroom. I love this part! 

this is where the tent and ceremony will be. It's a pretty flat open field which lots of creative leeway

The woman said this is where most people get married but I actually really hate it. It's very randomly placed and its not what im looking for. I think we may hang some fabric up and make this the photo booth. 

I love this little nook and I this little nook and its probably where we will end up having the ceremony... obviously minus the bench 

After checking that out we stopped at a local little Parisian cafe it was so cute and delicious

So yeah I think we finally have a place which is exciting because now I can start with the details. I busted out my wedding planner last night for the first time in a while and starting organizing :D yay! 

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Sarbear said...

I love that venue and agree that the nook is better than the typical wedding spot. Congrats on nailing that part of the planning down.

Kristina said...

The venue is beautiful! I love the porch!

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