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Monday, August 29, 2011

Last night I found this on pinterest and um so cute and so easy. So I did it this morning

But I despise my bangs.. like I really need to go get them cut... maybe next week. (they look ok in this picture but as the day progresses I look like a wet dog) So I just slicked my hair back and then it looks silly with the knot so I just reversed it.... Any who 

I think these shorts do something for muh booty

Shirt ~ F21

Shorts ~ Azura

Earrings ~ Stella and Dot

Scarf ~ ummm it's muh mom's .. Paris maybe?

Shoes~ nonezo 

Also.. I'm bored and P is sleeping so I just felt like taking some pictures... Hope you are having a happy monday! 

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Allie said...

I wish I could pull off a headband as well as you!

Olivia Grace said...

I love the headband!! I've been wanting to do this for forever and can never seem to pull it off. I will have to look it up on Pinterest!!

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