1 While I was gone...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just some pictures of what went on around here while I took a break...

grocery shopping 

lots and lots of much needed family time

farmers markets 

like lots of family time...

broken iPhones (replaced by a new one thank goodness!)

shopping at Free People 

even more family time

family time at the hospital

lots of family time at the hospital

yummy treats from friends and family 

fa-reaking beautiful days 

a sister trip to the zoo

passing out from the long and fun trip to the zoo

fresh fruit

adorable babies...

considering the circumstances of why I was taking a break, things turned out really really well. The reason my sisters were in town was not a good one but I'm so happy we all got to be together and spend that time. I love my family! 

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Allie said...

Is it me or is Peyton a big girl now?! I had to do a double take...she's no longer one of the babies! Your little nephew is adorable.

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