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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On our way to get Peyton's ballet shoes yesterday (her first class is Saturday!!!) Kristen and I were talking about how it was located in the old MJ Designs shopping center. Remember MJ Designs? Then at the same time we both said 'I used to get my pogs there!' POGS!!!!! Oh pogs.

I freaking loved pogs. I had pog binders filled with pogs. I had cases filled with slammers. The plastic ones and a lot of the metal ones too. We all know the metal ones were the one to write home about. I collected specific pogs. Pogman ones and goosebump ones, I seriously had so many pogs and would live to go to MJ's to dig through the big bins to add to my collections.

In the words of GumBall WHAT THE WHAT?!

Why in the heck did my mother agree to spend so much money on cardboard circles?! WHY?! Whoever invented pogs must be living the life of luxury somewhere on a golden beach thinking 'thank god for dumb kids who get wrapped up in dumb fads that have dumb parents who help to feed their dumb obsessions.' Seriously. Don't get me wrong I loved my time with the pogs and if my mother was as sentimental as me and didn't throw away everything behind my back id still have my binders sitting upstairs proudly displayed. But real life, how do we all get wrapped up in such silly and pointless things (cough cough silly bandz?) and end up spending billions of dollars on them? It's INSANE. I need to go work on a pointless fad that will make me an instant billionaire see ya on the flip side.

what were some of your favorite 90's fads? were you a pogger too?

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Shannon said...

I may be too old for pogs. But I did collect Garbage Pail Kids Cards and wore snap bracelets. Oh yeah...snap bracelets! :)

Daina @ New York State of Mind said...

Oh. My. God. I have not thought about my POGS since fourth grade. I was OBSESSED. I had some favorite homemade washer slammers that really did the trick on the recess yard. oh, what a fun trend to remember! Around that same time I also loved beaded safety pins on the front of my adidas sambas...

Amanda said...

I was just thinking about all those great 90s fads and toys! I definitely had pogs too and I was a total Beanie Baby addict. I thought I'd collect them and sell them for a million dollar house one day. Clearly, that didn't work out. On another interesting note... it turns out the the old Polly Pockets are collectable now and actually worth a little something. I guess choking hazard style toys aren't nearly as popular as they were when we were kids!

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

how frustrating. i just wrote this whole big thing about beanie babies - oh well. i figure you get the point..
but could you message me on facebook and tell me where you found shoes for P for her dance (are they ballet shoes? or what exactly?) ive been trying to find some for D and i cant find any for toddlers!

Anything but Bland said...

not sure what a pog is but thank you so much for your kind comment... I hope you find stress relief soon... breathe deep! :)

love, polly

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