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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So I totally forgot it was a holiday weekend and didn't write my book club post but Ill work on it during nap time and have it up first thing tomorrow.

That being said it was a really low key and nice family weekend here are just some pictures from my instagram lately

Friday P and I made some homemade play dough. Recipe via My Little Loves 

Pey has been all bout discovering the world lately.

she tried to feed an ant a leaf

watching babies

more visits to Sam's Farm


we are redoing the basement so I went through an old box of toys and cleaned them up and P loves them! They were some of my favorite when I was a kid.

we went to dinner Friday and I had a taco salad the size of my head and a nice glass of wine

Saturday night Katie came over and we got ice cream then drank some margaritas and cuddled on the couch to watch Harry potter.

Sunday we celebrated our favorite bartenders new marriage at the Griffins

and yesterday we watched more Harry Potter and ate crab legs, muscles, shrimp, and corn. It was so very yummy.

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend!

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Mallory said...

I've been wanting to make play dough with my daughter but I'm pretty sure she'd be more interested in eating it than playing with it.

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