1 oh haaaiii fall

Sunday, September 18, 2011

So I dont know about where you live but hurr in virginia fall has arrived in full force. Im talking one day it was 90, hot, and summer and then the next day it was 60, brisk, and fall. Cur-a-say. Now personally Im a summer girl. I was born in August and nothing makes me happier than the smell of the ocean, the feel of the sun on my skin, short light summer dresses, and being outside to enjoy it all. But I do love the fall and I think Im ready for it. We have a lot of fall to do's planed in the next two months and Im looking forward to each and every one of them. We even checked one of our to-dos off the list today! Off to a great start!

Fall to-do List:

Go to a pumpkin patch 
(we still plan on going to at least one more probably closer to Halloween)

Today we took P to Cox Farms Fall fest. we went last year after Halloween and it was very empty but we enjoyed what they had so we decide to go back today plus its pretty close. When we got there we were charged $15 PER PERSON. INCLUDING PEYTON! That is ridiculous! $15 for a 2 yr old?! After venting our anger to one another we vowed to get all $45 worth. They had TONS of slides, pretty big slides at that, and P loved them all. They had hay stacks and mazes, a hay ride and a petting zoo. There was definitely a lot to do and we tried our best to do it all. All in all despite the robbage, it was a really great family day. 

I got P all bundled up. It was pretty cold this morning, but she was in a t-shirt by the end of the day

the biggest slide there and my baby rode it like a champ (on daddys lap)

haayyy ride

baby cow

farmer P

flavored honey

our goodies from the day

I saw this gnome on the hay ride and instantly thought 'I HAVE TO TAKE A PICTURE FOR DEANNA!' and I did

Sad story of the day:

P and I went into GoatVille to pet us some goats. The kid was so happy ( my kid not the baby goat, which, in case you didnt know is also called a kid) She waltzed right in and went straight over to a goat to show it some love and what did the little son of a bitch do? HE HEAD BUTTED HER! Right in the belly! She grabbed her belly looked at me with such confusion and fear like 'what did I do wrong mommy?' and bust into tears. I wanted to kick that little jack ass (the goat, not to be confused with a donkey). She no longer wanted anything to do with the goats and instead stayed in the tree house the remainder of the time. I dont blame her. I had my camera all ready to document the cuteness of her petting and loving the goats and I guess I hit the button when this all went down so I looked back though pictures today and saw I got a glimpse of the action.

my reaction:

those horns! That jerk! My poor baby!

I think she will recover from the emotional damage soon, she doesnt seem to remember which is a good sign. Other than that I think we kicked off fall 2012 with a bang and Im so excited for all our other plans so stay tuned!

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Jess and Tom Roberts said...

ohhh i miss cox farm! i wish i could take D to a place like that she would have so much fun. reason number 123901823 i miss NoVA

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