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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sorry for the total MIAness this week I'm still under the weather but I wanted to stop by and update you all on our weekend and the Maryland Renaissance Fest!

Saturday we went to dance class then piled in the car with my sister, nephew, and friend Meaghan. We left here around 12 and it takes about 50 min. to get to Annapolis. We got stuck in about an hours worth of traffic but kept on truckin. Then when we were about 4 miles away from the entrance to the festival we hit a line of cars waiting to get in. It was a single lane road and it took us 2 hours to go 2 miles!!! We still had 2 miles left and the babies were getting fussy so we had to pull out of line and turn around. There was no way we could have sat for another 2 hours. Peyton was devastated. All she wanted was to ride a pony. It really sucked. Big time. But Mikey and I decided we would wake up super early the next day and get up there before the traffic started. We got up around 8 and left the house at 9, hit zero traffic and we were in the fair grounds by 10:10. THANK GOODNESS. I used to go all the time when I was younger so I knew what to expect but it was Mikeys first time and he was so surprised. He really didn't think it was going to be as amazingly awesome as it was. Let me tell you people if you have a chance to hit it up GO. It's one of the greatest places ever. We are even going back with a bigger group on the 22 because we love it so much. Ok enough talk here are some pictures of our day.

seeing this sign was amazing. It only took us two days to get there!

she was PUMPED

first thing first, we had to get out faces pained

P was a statue. She sat so still for her face painting. She wanted spiderman but we opted for a pink spider web w a little green spider.

im cool

Next stop, Daddy needed alcohol. At least he started with the hard cider at 1030 am

and then it was all about the ponies. 

Next we got ourselves some flower crows

and Momma got her hair braided

while I was doing that Mikey and P got some chocolate dipped strawberries

and it was giant turkey legs for lunch. When in Rome...

They even have jousts there! We didn't see one because it was actually really hot and crowded but we will get prime seats in two weeks

oh and then Peyton and I rode an Elephant. NBD. Iv actually ridden one before there but this was obviously Peytons first time. She thought it was great 

Then we ate out soft pretzel while sitting by the pond looking for Mermaids. 

Um so yeah it was pretty awesome and Im really excited to go back and do things we didn't have time for last time!


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Love, Chelsea said...

I love that last picture!

Alaythea said...

Gosh, that looks like so much fun! All we have are really lame "festivals" occasionally and it's NOTHING like that. Nothing.

Anonymous said...

Such fun pictures!! Love the last one :)

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