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Thursday, October 27, 2011

October is sadly coming to an end but before it does don't forget to check out my fabulous October sponsors if you havent already. 

Meet Melissa. She has 3 adorable little girls with 3 very big personalities. Melissa just married her dream guy in the sweetest backyard wedding and now they are venturing on to home ownership and all that other fun newlywed stuff. Go check her out!

in Melissa's words:

pacific northwest born and raised; photographing my way through the day till bed time, doing my best to raise three little ladies with teenager tendencies. all the while, studying to be a doula and navigating this new life as wife to my damn hot husband.
who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? here you will find the running monologue of the misadventures that are our life. 

I Fight for the Phoque documents the life of a young woman finding her way through love, life, and, France with not much more than an open mind, a taste for adventure, and a love for seals. If you feel like your a leading a boring life and you need to live vicariously though a blog, this one is for you! 

In Audrey's words:

I am a 23 year old adventurer born and raised in the islands of Hawaii.  

In February of 2011 I decided to break up with my longtime boyfriend, have my beloved cats adopted, sell all of my stuff, abandon my apartment, drop my modeling jobs, kiss friends and family goodbye, and buy a one way ticket to a random town in the middle of France where I would know no one and speak none of the native but-oh-so-lovely tongue, French.
I Fight for the Phoque follows my day to day struggle on the hunt for language comprehension, employment, new friends, good sex, good food, and with a little luck, a bit of wisdom here and there about life, love, and growing up.

Who doesn't know Deanna? Delirious Rhapsody was one of the first blogs I really started following and I'm so hooked. Deanna is a hilarious mom of two adorable little guys and she is so down to earth and easy to love. If you want a no BS take on motherhood head over to her blog for a breath of fresh air and probably a good laugh or two, or ten.

In Deanna's words:

I'm a wife and mom in my mid-twenties. I'm quirky and my little family rocks. I love my husband and two boys, music, reading, crafting, cooking, and colin meloy. the end.

Daina's blog was one that I didn't come across until she contacted me about sponsorship and that is why I love trading ad spots. I find new and amazing blogs I didn't know about! Daina is a New Yorker (obviously), a teacher, and a photographer by hobby, but should be by trade (she seriously takes amazing pictures) Also? She is freaking gorgeous. Not that that matters but she is. She blogs about her NY lifestyle, her boyfriend and her love for family among many other things. If you havent already I really recommend checking her out, at least to see her beautiful pictures if nothing else! (and then you will stay forever!)

In Daina's words: 

I moved to New York City in 2003 to attend NYU and instantly fell in love with my new home. Seven years later, I still pinch myself as I walk through the city to make sure I am not dreaming. The energy, people, and sights are unlike anywhere else. I feel very lucky to be a New Yorker!

Jamie can be serious, funny, light hearted, deep, sympathetic, emotional, but whatever mood she is in she is always real and that is what i love most about her. She is a wife and the momma to one extremely adorable little man and she is cooking #2 right now, who I'm sure will be just as to die for. Head on over to her blog and get wrapped up as she pours her heart out in the most elegant of ways!

In Jamie's words: 

a ballerina, magician's assistant, black belt, and former model finds true love. A sweet little baby falls from the stars. A tale of gypsies, dinosaurs, and high seas adventure. A chronicle of everything we love, everything we do, everywhere we go, and all the days we felt alive. 


These are all seriously such awesome blogs and even more awesome women so take the time to visit them and show some love you wont regret it! 


AND if you want to sponsor The Peanut Gallery in November shoot me an email! abussard7@gmail.com

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