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Friday, November 4, 2011

I love blogging. I love my blog and the fact that it is an on going record of my life. I love that Peyton will be able to look back on it and read about everything we did before she could really remember. I love reading other blogs. I love getting inspired by them. I love meeting new people through blogging and making real friendships with some seriously amazing and talented people.
Sometimes, however, the blogging world can be a little overwhelming. It's so easy to get wrapped up into the popularity contest of it all. To turn friends into competitors. Sometimes I look at other blogs and think 'wow these people have their lives so put together. They know exactly who they are and they are so care free.' I see vegan bloggers and eco conscious bloggers. Religious bloggers, and health bloggers. Fashion bloggers, and business bloggers.
And then I think 'where do I fit in?
I eat meat, but sometimes I will willingly chose to have a veggie burger. 

I believe in God, but I don't really know what religion I classify myself as. 

Im on a mission to lose weight, but Im not perfect about my health decisions. 

I love fashion and even have a degree in it, but I dont have the time to be my best dressed all the time. 

I'm a mom but I don't always blog about my kid. 

So where does all that put me?

I guess that puts me here, at The Peanut Gallery. A blog about my life, whatever that may entail. Im not perfect, far from actually, and I do get easily overwhelmed. I think if I dont get a post up I will lose followers and then I say to myself 'self, who cares?' If people want to read my blog that is awesome. I love knowing that what I write may influence someone how other blogs I read influence me. But if they dont like it? I they chose to unfollow me? Who cares? If what I have to say isn't what they are looking for then who am I to make them stay? Why would I want them around anyway? For numbers? That just seems silly.
I don't really know the point of this post, maybe to serve as a personal reminder to myself to just keep doing what I doing. Keep doing what makes me happy and keep this blog for the reasons I started it. A creative outlet and a happy place. To try my hardest not to get wrapped up in blogging politics or as Bekah put it the mean girls of the blogging world. And maybe as a message to anyone else who may read this blog and get that overwhelming feeling every now and then. Just remember why you started blogging in the first place.
Dont blog for numbers, blog for you. Blog for those who count on you but don't let them intimidate you or pressure you. And beyond anything else make it fun.


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Love, Chelsea said...

I totally agree, you have to blog for you. If people don't like it, they can suck it! ;)

Anonymous said...

I just hit 100 followers and if i dont get another past that then so be it.. I welcome anyone who wants to share in my life and what i share on my blog.. I blog for me :D

I <3 your blog.. i think you rock :D

Anonymous said...

Totally agree :-D I've been blogging for years and have like 25 google connect followers LOL I've just recently become aware of how competitive blogging is! I didn't realize there were cliques out there... I was just a lonely blogger doing my thing, never promoting my blog or whatnot. Just writing posts and sending it out into the ether =D Granted, I love getting genuine comments and feedback and inspiring and being inspired by others.. but I only want "followers" who truly enjoy reading my posts when they can, not following just so I'll follow back and boost numbers etc. Ahhhh... anywho great post :-D Totally relate! I think your blog is wonderful and so are you!! keep doing what you're doing!

Jessica said...

amen! i totally relate!

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

blogging for me is my personal journal - i dont care if people read it, i dont care if people follow or comment - i realy only made it for family who wasnt near me to see pictures of Dulany and to watch her grow up through my blog - Its great to know when she's older she can see what i wrote about her when i was pregnant with her and how she was as a baby (with all the videos i took). I think blogging should be for most importantly- you!

The Peanut Gallery said...

Thanks ladies so glad to know im not alone and I really love and appreciate all your kind words and comments!

Mother Mopher said...

You hat helped me out of my blog rut just then....I just changed my blog all around and was feeling like it was all for nothing...its so easy to get sucked into the "no one reads my stuff" "i don't have as ma.y followers as _____" and the "who cares why I'm put there blogging my stuff" but then its posts like this that remind me I'm doing it for me, and my family...and why not have people read or, but not make it my WHOLE life....just a part.....

Sorry for that mini rant.....I just had my ah ha moment lol

Olivia Grace said...

Amen!! I write for me, to have a creative outlet and a channel for all the thoughts inside my head. The fact that people actually read it is just an added bonus really. My favorite blogs are the blogs where I can genuinely feel what a person is like, the ones that show me bits and pieces of themselves and their lives: like yours!!!

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