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Friday, February 24, 2012

Hey bloggity friends today Im coming to you with an insanely easy DIY.
Im not kidding this took me less than 30 min to pull off and Im pretty sure you need minimal sewing skills to accomplish it.
Im still working on the toddler room, yes it is quite the process but its almost done. yay. happy dance.
Im just adding a few last min touches and today im here to share one with you!

I have literally had this bloster for 100 years. ok maybe more like 17. Either way it's reallllly old. My momma made it for me originally and at one point it was nice and shiny and new but now its old and stained and in need of a total makeover.

So here is what you will need:

Fabric : amount varies depending on the size of your pillow but it needs to be able to wrap around it with room to spare and Id say you need at least a foot of fabric on each end


Sewing machine (or hand stitch)



Safety pin


Step one - make a 1/2in -1in fold on the end of the fabric

Step two - Fold again the same amount  so that there is no raw edge. You can iron the fold down if it makes it easier 

Step three - fold it up to the pillow and make sure it come a little more than half way

Step four - Stitch the fold down. make sure that space from the end of the fabric to the stitch line is wide enough to fit your ribbon

make sure to do this on both ends of the fabric

Step five - pin the right sides together around the pillow. Make sure it's tight. 

Step six- use a marking utensil to mark where your pins are on both sides of the fold. Then take the pins out and remove the pillow. Place the pins back in using the markings to help you

Step seven - stitch along the markings. ****Make sure NOT to cross over your width stitches**** I didnt take a picture of this because I skipped over this step and had to use a stitch remover. I know it's a little hard to understand so feel free to message me if you have a question and Ill try to better explain it!

Step eight - cut a piece of ribbon. You want to make sure its as long as the width of the fabric. You can always cut it at the end but it's better to have it too long than too short. Attach a safety pin to the end of your ribbon

slide pin into one end of the opening you created in steps 1-4. work it's way through to the other side.

then shimmy your pillow into the case. You may need an extra hand for this part!

Step ten - once threw pull the ribbon until it scrunches in a circle and tie in a knot then a bow. 
Do this on both sides

And there you have it. 
Its seriously so simple and it gives you a whole new look.
Im super happy with the results and it was way less costly then buying a whole new bolster!
I hope this wasn't too confusing to follow and if you have any questions at all feel free to message me!!
And let me know if you try it out!!!

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Hena Tayeb said...

Looks great. Thanks for the tutorial

Sparks In Spring said...

I love my bolster, it is weird that they don't sell it in Australia.

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