2 February Goals

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I mentioned in my New Years post that I was going to try to keep up with my many goals for the year by making check lists every month. I feel like this is a better way to keep up with everything I want to do. It seems a bit more organized as well as opposed to listing off a ton of resolutions on January 1st that I will have been sure to broken by the 5th. So here we are February 1st. A new month and the start of my New Years check list

Health and Weight Loss (in 3's)

*Run 3 miles - slowly working my way back up to 5, and hopefully even more!

*Work out 3 days a week 

-week 1
-week 2
-week 3
-week 4

*Loose 3 lbs - My weight can shift up and down by 5 lbs in a day but thats just water weight. Id like to loose 3 lbs and actually keep it off. I know it doesnt seem like a lot in a month but baby steeps people. Id rather surpass my goals then not meet them at all!

*Do a 3 days juice cleanse


* Do at least 2 new and fun family activities

* Go on a real life date night (what is that even?)

* Have a special mommy daughter bonding day


*Have lunch with a friend that I haven't spent much time with lately 

* call A friend that lives too far for lunch


* Try to blog at least 3 times a week - I know it seems small but this momma be busy

* Give it a makeover 


* Try 3 new DIYs (3 just seems like a good number for this month not too big not too small)


*Go on an adventure - Discover a place Iv never been before. There are so many I know this one won't be too hard!


* Book the Photographer (almost done i'll share soon!)

* Work on the invitations 

* Do one DIY


February is mighty short. I may be biting off more than I can chew but I'm going to do my best to check everything off this list in the next 28/(9?) (is this a leap year?) days. I'll be referring back to this list every time I accomplish a goal and marking it off so be sure to check in and follow along with me! Also if you feel inspired to make a monthly check list let me know so I can check it out and follow along your goals with you! 

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Kristen said...

Haha Is that why you went to lunch with me today? So you could check me off your list?!

Kristen said...

Haha Is that why you went to lunch with me today? So you could check me off your list?!

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