1 Letter Project // A is for adventure

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Iv been wanting to do an art project on the bloggity for a while now and Iv been working on my first installment for the past few days. I was inspired by This project. Such beautiful art work! So I decided to go the alphabet route and make a lengthy project out of it. It's probably going to be quite a while before I make it through the whole alphabet since I can only work in my free time, which is like nonexistent.
I wanted to make inspirational art for kids, so each letter will have a little message in it.
So here I am today to share 'A' with you all!

A is for adventure across the deep blue sea

click here for full resolution

I hope you guys like it and I hope you can find a place for this little print, or any of my future ones in your home!

for personal use only please :) 

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Cute! I pinned it :-)

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