3 Modcloth Surprise!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

I logged on Modcloth today, like I do pretty much every day, to OOooo and aaaHHHhh over their pretties and I saw this

For $15 ($4 for shipping)  right now they will send you a surprise in your size ranging from $29.99-$249.99

Well duh I did it. 

Now Im impatiently waiting for my surprise!!!! 
Hopefully Ill love it and it will look good on me/fit me but I guess that's all apart of the gamble! 

Let me know if you decide to join the fun! Id love to know what you got!

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deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

ooohhh...ok. i've never ordered anything from them because, well, most of the time it's too dang expensive. but now i'm intrigued!

i love the new layout. :)

Jess Judkins said...

Ahhh bummer they are all sold out! I can't wait to see what you get :-)

Bailey Christ said...

I was pleasantly and perfectly surprised with a Kitty dress!

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