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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Not for long don't get too upset! We are off too the beach for a whole week!!!!! It's a much much needed family vaca. There will be lots of food eating, beach bumming, clothes shopping, money spending, sun soaking, also beach bumming. Did I mention I will be laying on the beach a lot? Well I will. My mom and dad both have birthdays while we are down there too so there might be a little celebrating as well. I freaking love Rehoboth Beach and look forward to going there every summer. I can't wait to come back and share my pictures (ok I can kinda wait) I may try to blog via my phone but I may be too busy, you know beach bumming.

P will also be rocking her new swimsuit that is fa-reakin to die for. It's on sale at Janie and Jack as of right now so buy it if you must. Also she made me put it on her at the mall right after we got it. Diva.

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Jess and Tom Roberts said...

so jealous! i miss east coast beaches SO much. i hate the west coast for that reason. we live an hour from the beach but year round its too cold to go into.. lAME! also love that swimsuit... too cute!

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