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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oh heyyyy. Still here. Still claiming that 'ill totally get back to blogging now that my wedding is over!' totally. Also see my daughter never throws tantrums and I love my job, other lies I tell. But whatever. Just stoppin in to say a quick 'hi' and let you know a little about a project that Im working on and give you, my fabulous readers (how many do I have now? 5? that includes my dad who sees me every day soooo) a sneak peek. Im not going to tell you what exactly the project is because it is a work in progress, an idea in the beginning stages if you will. But I will show you what i have accomplished in the past two days and say that I am pretty proud of them and I can actually see this maybe going somewhere? maybe? If you follow me on instagram (@thepeanutgallery) or twitter (@thepenutgallery) you may have already seen them but if not here are my little peeks. 

Bam. sneak peek. what do you think? Also I will be tracking my creative process for this project under #ashleydoodle if you care to follow along!

Thats all for now folks!

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