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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Blogging is so over rated amiright? Im not. I like blogging. I miss blogging. But thats life I suppose.

On another note we are having another baby (as revealed in my last post 100 years ago) And we are pumped. We are especially thankful for all of the insane amount of love and support everyone has given us, so thanks guys you rock.

Im officially half way to baby tomorrow. I know right? When you are chasing a 4 year old around time seems to sprout wings and fly away. I thought this little man (MAN?!??!) deserved at least a little blog update. Iv been keeping up via instagram with weekly bump posts and gender reveals (MAN?!?!?!) But its nice to have it here on the ol blog as well.

That time we found out our baby had boy parts!!!! (BOY?!?!?)

We are super excited to be having a little guy (GUY!?!?!?) Mikey and I were worried about Peyton's reaction because we know that she really wanted a sister, but she was great! We called her right after we found out and we asked is it ok that you are having a baby brother?? and she said 'Yeah' haha. She told her little friends who live below us that her baby brother was coming in February. Heart already melted. 

We went to Target the day after finding out and bought him a little onesie and P insisted on getting him that rattle. She is already the most thoughtful big sister.

Besides the obvious baby news other things that have been going on around these parts

Peyton started dance class again. This time its tap and ballet and she loves it! She also really insanely good at tap dancing.

We celebrated our one year anniversary on the 15th (ONE YEAR?!?!?) I really truly can not believe it's been a year. We took Peyton down to southern VA and did some apple picking. It was so much fun and an awesome way to celebrate as a family.

We also went down (up?) (over?) Im not very good at geography, to Delaware the other weekend to celebrate our friends getting married. It was a sweet wedding and a good time with friends we don't get to see as much as we would like. 

my date was pretty studly

and speaking of babies our really good friends had their little boy two weeks ago. Logan Patrick Squishy Lovey Baby Pants (thats his full name) I went to mushy baby heaven meeting him. Hes perfect!!!

swoon right?? RIGHT?!?!?!

ANDDDDD speaking of even MORE babies. My little squishy newest baby nephew is due ANYDAYNOW ANYDAY!

We are ready for you (well at least I am) so feel free to, you know, come tonight. Or whatever. But tonight would be good.

Thus ends the longest most random shamdom catching up blog post ever. 


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