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Monday, March 16, 2009

Hey all so there isn't too much to say, I had a doctors appointment this morning and the Dr. said that Peyton is growing right on track and her heart beat is solid. The results for the down syndrome test were normal which was a great thing because I was secretly really worried about it for the past month. So basically I have a very healthy happy baby girl in my belly. She apparently likes caramel macheatos (or however you spell that) because im drinking one right now and she is a movin' and a shakin'! On another note I told my grandmother this weekend that I was preggers and it went a lot better than I was expecting... the real problem im having is getting up enough courage to tell my grandpa.... i think he might start to notice pretty soon although he did come over yesterday and see the crib and didn't even ask about it.. sooo who knows haha. Speaking of crib Caity gave us her crib which we are very greatful for and im super excited.... My cousin Wendy is also giving us her crib and changing table so one will go to my apartment at school while one stays here at my parents (THANK YOU WENDY!!!). I am so thankful to all my friends and family for helping me and supporting and donating!!!
Well any who.. Mikey is coming down to visit me and Peyton for a few days because he is lonely and bored in Morgantown.... obviously.... and he is bringing the baby bedding so that me and my mom can go out to target and babies r us and find things to match it... yeahhhh i love baby shopping!!!
Well I think that is all the updates for now so until next time!
<3 Ashley Mikey and Peyton

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