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Friday, April 24, 2009

Hello all,
So I went to the Dr. today again, what's new? Last time I was there I took the glucose test where I had to drink an awful awful orange sugar drink that tasted like flat orange soda, barf. I got the results back today and I passed... yeahh for me!. I am however anemic again and have to take iron supplements and I have a low platelet count whatever that means. All I know is I'm at 131 right now and if I reach below 100 they wont give me an epidural AHHH can you imagine?!?!... I know I can't and I would like it greatly if that didn't happen. But other that Peyton is just fine and growing right on track like a good little girl.
Im trying to think of more interesting things I can add because Kristen always complains that I don't update my blog enough... Well her brain is growing and developing big time right now, she's gonna be so smart. She weighs about 3 lbs ish depending on where yo get your info. Mikey and I read Baby Center updates every week as well as our What to Expect When You're Expecting book and that one always says she weighs a little more but shes somewhere around 3 lbs right now and around 16 in long.. jeeze she is gonna start running out of room soon!.... She has been kicking a lot lately and she goes a little crazy In there sometimes... it's kinda funny.
I bought her some new clothes this past weekend at the beach I'm just soo excited... I can't wait until my baby shower!!! I love presents... even tho they aren't really for me I still get excited to open them... Ok well thats all for now!
Until Next time

<3Ashley Mikey and Peyton

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