0 Morgantown, Milkmaid, and Medicaid

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tonight is officially our last night in Virginia for a while because we are going to Morgantown tomorrow... blah.... I can't wait to see all my friends and especially Gianna because she has gotten so big these past few months but I reallllly don't want to start back at school this summer seemed to fly by.
Anyway after Peyton was born we tried to breast feed and she was not liking it so I would do it for as long as she let me and then feed her formula bc she doesn't get full from nursing. Then I stopped breast feeding all together because it hurt so bad and
I pumped instead so that she was still getting breast milk and at first I was getting 4 oz bottles from each side but then it stopped and i could only get about 2 oz from both sides so I started to nurse her again because I didn't want to lose my milk and now it doesn't hurt any more but she still doesn't get satisfied no matter how long we do it for so Mikey and I went to babies r us today to get diapers and I bought Milkmaid tea which is an organic tea that is supposed to up your milk production. It has really great reviews so I hope that it works I just started today so we will see what happens shortly. Also I think my pump is not working right because it doesn't pull like it used to and I know that Peyton is getting a good amount of milk bc i can her her swallowing it but my pump isnt getting anything so I need to fix that because I would like to be able to pump a few bottles so that mikey can give her that while im at school, it will also help save money on formula especially bc we have to buy her soy based. but anyways enough about my boobs...
We applied for FAMIS which is a Virgina state insurance for children and got denied for some stupid reason or another but they refered us to Medicaid which could take 45 days to get approved so hopefully thy will approve us because there is no reason they shouldn't lord knows we don't make too much money for them. But I guess we will know soon enough.
Anywho Peyton is doing really great she is such a big girl she is starting to smile more and its so sweet but she still doesn't have it down pact. She is staying awake more and more during they day which is nice because when bed time comes around she is extremely easy to put down. I guess thats all I really have to say.. here are a few pictures of my pumpkin enjoy!

Peyton and Uncle Frank

Bath Time!!! Silly baby!

Cousin Luke!

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