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Friday, January 22, 2010

My big baby girl turned 6 months on the 7th but because she is behind in her shots we had to wait to go to her 6 month appointment until today. So the Stats are in and she is... drum roll please..... 20 lbs! OH MY! ... I forget how tall she is already haha im so bad but her head is 18 in! The Dr. asked if big heads run in my family ahah but her head is in proportion with her weight and height so it's not really THAT big. Any who she is very healthy and perfect as can be.
Her Dr asked if she was rolling over in both directions and when I said yes and crawling and standing she was SHOCKED and very impressed saying babies usually dont get there till 9 months. But I guess she is probably the size of a 9 month old!
We also got the go ahead to start solid although we have been giving her a few already. she LOVES sweet potatoes and carrots and HATES applesauce (i dont know who's kid this is!) She thinks squash peas and bananas are OK. But I cant wait to keep experimenting it's so fun!
On the subject of sleeping she has been doing not so great. She keeps waking up anywhere from 2-5 times a night and it's getting to be ridiculous. So we are going to start sleep training which we have tried with fail several times but now it's just getting to be old and something needs to be done. So tonight she is asleep in her pack n play ( Im at my parents for her apt.) and she went down great which is nice because she has been putting up such a fight these past few weeks. But her Dr. said she shouldn't be waking up for feedings in the night and that she doesn't need to eat so if she wakes up just let her cry it out. Im a little worried im going to give in but I hope she doesn't cry for too long! I will keep you posted on how it goes.
Well I think that's all the news for now!
<3 Ashley Mikey and Peyton

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Jess and Tom Roberts said...

its SO worth it in the end to let her cry it out for a few nights (which it should only take that long) Dulany doesnt wake up to eat, but she'll wake up because her binky fell our or something and i was so sick of waking up to give it to her so i let iher cry in the middle of the night and eventually she fell asleep on her own. Its hard for the first few times. But get the book "Healthy SLeep Habits, Happy Child". Its amazing!

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