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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Im such a slacker when it comes to blogging! P is almost 8 months old! Some things that have been going on during months 7

*Peyton eats Gerber puffs and melts and LOVES them! She really has chewing down to an art form but does that really surprise you she loves her food!

*Still only 2 teeth but she seems extra drooly so I think #3 may be on its way fairly soon.

*She is crawling up a storm and cant stand by herself yet although she tries! She will slowly let go of the coffee table one had at a time and stand for about 3 seconds before she plops on her bum. She knows crawling is a much faster way of getting places so I dont think shes in any rush to walk.

*I went to NYC for an entire week and left my little bug all alone!!!! Ok well she was with her daddy and my parents and my sister and brother in law BUT no mommy :( It was really hard saying by but I knew she was in the best hands possible so I wasnt worried. She did really great and got to bond with my family but I feel like she grew up SO much in that week!

*She LOVES to talk she will talk your ear off! she says DaDa and Im pretty sure she knows what it means but no mama yet, she can say it but I dont think she relates it to me yet.

*She LOVES making us laugh. If she does something funny and we laugh she smiles really big and does t again and again to make you laugh. its really cute!

*Shes a dancer. If music comes on TV she stands up at the table and dances.

*She always has the biggest smile on her face and is constantly making her daddy and I so happy. Shes such a little joy and and I thank god everyday for blessing me with my little love bug!

Now some pictures of how happy she is!

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