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Monday, March 29, 2010

Hey everyone!
So it's spring break finally! And Mikey Peyton and I are in Delaware but we are leaving today to go to VA. Peyton is hitting a bunch of milestones so I thought Id just do a quick update!

*Clapping- Peyton started to clap a few weeks ago so if you say "YAY!" and clap she starts to clap back... sooo cute!

*Standing- as you know she's been standing for a while now on tables and things but now she can stand all on her own for quite a while too. And the other day she was sitting on the floor and stood up all by herself not holding on to anything! jeeze she is so big!

*Feeding herself- She was having a hard time figuring out how to actually put puffs in her mouth but a few weeks ago she figured it out and feeds herself all the time. She is such a little piggy

*And last but not least WALKING!!!!!- ok well not really waling but at school like a week ago she took about 2 steps from the table to the couch. Then the other day when we were at my friend Reginas house she took like 3 and a half steps right into Daddys arms! It was so cute! So she is progressing really fast.

*She will be 9 months on the the 7th but her Dr. appointment probably wont be till later bc her shots are so off. But she has an appointment tomorrow bc she has a rash on her bum so we want to check it out to make she its not an allergic reaction. She will probably be weighed so Ill post if she is. Im betting 22 lbs. Shes such a little chunk!

That's all for now and my camera is dead so no pictures :( but ill use my dads when I get home!!!

<3 Ashley Mikey and Peyton

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