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Monday, January 11, 2010

About a month and a half ago (jeeze) Mrs Griffin was kind enough to come to the mall with me and get Peyton's professional pictures done. We made a girls day of it and it was a blast. Momma Griff bought Pey some super cute clothes from Janie and Jack (the best baby store ever!) and we went to get her pics done. Peyton was SO good. I made her a blue tutu and attached a big blue rose to the headband my friend Jessie made Peyton (thanks again Jess!) She was such a ham! The photographer seem like a real biatch at first but then she started taking the pics and really who could be mean when that little girl smiling and laughing at you?.. There were a ton of great picture to pick from but I think we ended up picking the best. So here are the pictures from her modeling debut

Oh PS the place we got these done asked me to sign a release form so they could use her pictures for advertisement. Last time I walked by they hadn't put any of her pictures up but ill keep checking!

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