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Monday, January 11, 2010

We had three weeks off for Christmas which was a week shorter then what I normally get. For the first week we went to Delaware to celebrate Mikeys birthday (23 that old man!) and we stayed till Christmas eve. We spent Christmas eve at his aunts house. They do a big thing every year with all the aunts uncles cousins etc. there were about 50 kids there. It was a lot of fun. Peyton got a car that she can scoot on or use it to help her walk. It's for 9 months so it will be a while before she can really use it but Im excited I know she will love it. Then Mikey Peyton and I rode back to Virginia to my parents and got in around 1 am Christmas day. We went to bed and woke up for presents!!! I got clothes shoes books and Im going to New York for school for a week ( a whole week with out my baby :( but that's another story!) Mikey got slippers, a book and some clothes bc my mom was sick of him wearing the same 3 shirts! and of course Peyton got the most out of everyone. She got a ton of toys, super cute clothes, a big girl car seat, a high chair, and a mobile for her crib. We had a lot of visitors and went on a lot of shopping trips. My Niece Brittany just had a little boy at the end of November his name is Parker. She came down with my sister and brought Parker. He was sooo tiney even though he was 8 oz bigger I still don't remember Peyton eveer being that little! They grow so fast! Overall it was relaxing and nice to just be around family. I don't really have that many picture from Christmas because my camera was ful and I didnt have my adapter but my dad took lots so Ill try to put some up next time I go home. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year I know we did and baby Peyton's first Christmas was a success!

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