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Monday, January 11, 2010

Peyton started rolling over from her back to her belly around the beginning of December. She got really good at it and thus stared to enjoy tummy time. She stared to roll on her belly in the middle of the night which started to scare me bc of the risk of SIDS but Im ok with it now because she is strong enough to get herself out of that position if she wants to. She started to roll in her crib and we never actually saw her doing it she would just wake up that way then finally one day I snuck in and spied and saw her do it. Then she started to do it on the floor. Soon after that she began to push up into a crawling position and rock back and fourth. She couldn't really understand the concept of opposite arms and legs. So she mostly just scooted. When we got to my parents for break she spent a lot of time on my old gymnastics mat and she was scooting all over the place. By the end of break she pretty much had it down and now she is crawling all over. she isn't that fast yet but she is really progressing every day. We had to baby proof the apartment when we got back last night because she is already climbing the furniture and pulling herself up. She is really growing up too fast!

I tried to upload a video of her crawling but it wasn't working.. I'll try again later

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